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Council of People

We are social beings by nature, we love communication and sharing, and these are our most important advantages as human beings. The existence of social networks in the current form is ideal for us to do what we really love. On the other hand we have a very great opportunity to benefit from what we share cumulatively! No one has ever documented our feelings and reactions about things, and no one has ever documented our daily behavior as in the way social networking do, notably Facebook. This opportunity, if properly invested, will enable us to obtain useful information that can be used effectively to achieve peace, conflict resolution, as well as raw data that can be very important to sociologists and other related researchs.
In the Council of People project, I raise the issue of people’s participation in decisions about the fate of this information and data stored by social networks, because it is property of all mankind, and the companies with these services are not entitled to the rights of our data even if we share it of our own free will. Because this data is sensitive and different from the rest of the goods and daily services we use! Because this data can effect the human destiny as a whole. it can also lead to disasters If this information is dealt with commercially or individually.I invite you to participate in an advocacy campaign to demand representation of people on the boards of social networking companies, most importantly Facebook to be involved  in the decision making process that are related to data and information.

Waleed Chayeb

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