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العديد من القبعات، والكثير من الشغف.


أتشارك أنا وسنا هنداوي رؤيا مشتركة لترك أثر إيجابي في هذه الحياة تتلخص ببساطة في:

“إنّ الاستثمار في الاهتمامات، وتأمين مساحات وفرص للحصول على المعرفة ومشاركتها، يشكل فرصة جدية لتحسين الواقع في مدينة حلب وهذا بدوره يعطي أمل أكبر للأجيال القادمة بحياة أفضل.”

إنطلاقاً من الرؤيا السابقة ومن إيماننا بأن مانفعله اليوم سيشكل مستقبلنا لاحقاً، نعمل أنا وسنا منذ 2016 بجدية على المشاريع التالية:

I and Sana Hindawi share a common vision to leave a positive impact in this life, we summarize it simply by:

“Investing in interests, creating safe spaces and opportunities to access and share knowledge is a serious opportunity to improve the reality in Aleppo, which in turn gives greater hope to future generations for a better life.

Based on our previous vision and our belief that all we do today will shape our future later, Me and Sana have been working seriously since 2016 on the following projects:

Waleed and Sana Chayeb Foundation: Which is actually not officially a registered foundation but however we are trying to do so. We started labeling our activities under the name of this non profit foundation since 2017 to push us forward more systematic contribution in Education sector. In the past two years we succeed in creating a shared virtual space on Facebook for young students to share knowledge and communicate. This space was pilot project before launching an online website which will be a real space to link Syrian Learners with resources to learn more and communicate.

In addition to this, we provided dozens of very young children with a monthly grant to purchase books about their interests to explore more and discover new realities. Now, we are financially supporting several children to enroll in a children book club that is created by an amazing local library in Aleppo.

Youth Empowerment: As part of our vision, we launched a virtual space for expertise in Aleppo to share opportunities and knowledge in the field of Web Development in Aleppo with more than 1000 member.. Also we are supporting the Aleppo Book Club which is an amazing book club with more than 1000 member.

Council of People.