Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

Many hats, Little time

This simple sentence is the best description of my life’s philosophy, life is really short and we’re so lucky to have the chance to live it, We basically live for 70 years as average, and we spend almost 30% of it sleeping, 10 years as children, and I guess we need 15 more years in education.
What remains of life is 21 years, but if we count that between 50th and 70th of our life we won’t be able to make difference, the result will be so Frustrating.

Depending on the previous concept, I believe that doing several things at the same time is the right way to make a difference in this life…

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Why not to live normally?

Simply because there will be no meaning for life! I guess that working to make a good impact for the next generations is the best purpose we can choose for life.

The Joy of Hard Working

Nothing in the world can be more joyful than being a hard worker, a successful seeker! maybe it’s about moving towards a clear target and having the meaning for everything..

It’s all related, and every single person has their own meanings, and for sure he/she will be so happy to live that meaning or work for it.


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